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Find the courage to sacrifice what you are for what you could become.

I am an ambitious creative who thoroughly enjoys engaging in all faucets of creativity. My main goal is to create solutions that help organizations and clients connect authentically with their customers and provide intuitive experiences for their users. Additionally, I am effective advising core business stakeholders and senior leadership on high-level creative initiatives, and executing on those initiatives through development, iterative design process, and production.

I am also the founder of Studio A3E and the current Design Lead at PDI Software. I am an advocate for inclusivity, representation, and diversification in the creative fields. I hope to inspire and give a voice to underserved communities, most notably the youth, by helping them envision possibilities through imagination, visual storytelling and STEM disciplines. 

  • Visual storytelling and art direction

  • User experience design and research

  • Object oriented UX and info arch

  • Storyboarding and prototyping

  • Brand strategy and positioning

  • Innovation and design thinking

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Video production and editing 

  • Lighting and cinematography

  • Photography and visual narrative

  • Mentorship and thought leadership

  • The Slight Edge

  • Creative Strategy and the Business of Design 

  • Rebel Without a Crew

  • Steal Like an Artist

  • Dig This Gig

  • Pixar Storytelling

  • Hacking Growth

  • Start With Why

  • The Compund Effect

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