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AT&T Homepage + Upperfunnel

Strategy /Art Direction / Design / Prototyper
AT&T Upperfunnel MRQ.jpg

As part of their transformation, AT&T wanted to see how reinventing the brand expression would resonate with the their customers. Overall, the purpose of this redesign is to test overall appeal of AT&T’s current brand compared to a potential new version of its brand expression. Additionally, AT&T wants to create excitement through design transforming AT&T into a leading digitally-driven entertainment lifestyle company and improve online customer acquisition by connecting with them through trust, relevancy and personalization.

Refine the content strategy to better meet the needs of a changing customer base, simplifying the experience and clearly articulating customer benefits. Create customer relevancy through vibrancy, inclusivity, personalization and positioning AT&T as a premium service provider. I designed the system on modularity and streamlined it to aid in visual clarity to be used across viewports and allow implementors to quickly go to market. A/B test the components on current pages measuring CTR and CVR.


My first step was to dive into any available research and understand current customer friction points.

  • I don’t want to have to dig for what I am looking for, show me the products up front”.

  • Confusing offers, hidden fees, long term contracts. Why are you showing me offers I can’t get.

  • It’s frustrating when I can do stuff on the PC but I can’t do the same stuff on the phone.

  • Different companies try to get you to have bundles, even if you don’t want parts of it. I didn’t want a landline, but we have it. It’s annoying.”

  • I don’t understand the offers on your homepage, they are too complicated, and there is too much text to read.

  • I feel like there’s too many clicks to get to where I need.

  • I didn’t know DIRECTV and AT&T were the same company.

  • Across multiple designs tested, customers have often struggled to find the Channel Lineup link: They do not typically scroll down the page and they often look within TV package/offer tiles.

  • Customers like the ability to compare across packages quickly, although full channel lists are often overwhelming and cumbersome, especially mobile. Several participants expressed frustration with the BAU design/layout of channel lineup.

  • When searching for Internet, download speed and price were the main factors customers were looking for.

  • The website doesn't connect with me. There's nothing memorable.

After doing research and site/content analysis, I formulated potential ways to improve the experience.

  • Simplify/reduce content and lead with customer value.

  • Make it easy to find products, deals and rewards.

  • Be transparent about total cost to build trust.

  • Build a modular system thats flexible and adaptable.

  • Reduce the number of pages and clicks.

  • Ensure pages are mobile friendly.

  • Ensure that the most important/useful information is easily accessible near the top of the pages.

  • Make the download speeds more prominent for Internet.

  • Use relevant offers for customers via personalized segmentation.

  • Put the key performing pages on homepage.

  • Allow users to check availability within the page.

  • Personalize content based on customer type/entry point.

  • Reposition AT&T as a premium service using rich imagery and relevancy. 

AT&T Upperfunnel Panel A.jpg
AT&T Upperfunnel Panel B.jpg
AT&T Upperfunnel Panel C.jpg
AT&T Upperfunnel Panel D.jpg
AT&T Upperfunnel Panel F.jpg
AT&T Upperfunnel Panel E.jpg
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