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AustinCSI Portfolio App

Strategy / Design
ACSI App MRQ.jpg

Over the last 10 years AustinCSI has amassed a large portfolio of projects. However, they have not been able to track and showcase all of these accomplishments as they did not exist within a single repository which also made updating content more difficult. Additionally, clients were also having a hard time understanding the breadth of what AustinCSI has accomplished.

Create a digital web app that showcases and makes it easier to access the portfolio of work. This app would be used to deposit all the project information onto a single platform. Our team also put together a plan on how to keep track of the portfolio of work using RACI documentation with the ongoing maintenance and updates. We did competitive audit and guerrilla usability testing to uncover any usability mistakes.

ACSI Panel A.jpg
ACSI Panel BB.jpg
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