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The Home Depot SAM

Research / Design / Prototyper

Schedule In-Home Measure is a service provided by the Home Depot to customers who are interested in getting a quote for materials and installation for their flooring project.The current Schedule In-Home Measure tool had a low conversion rate, which is impacting Home Depot's ability to sell more flooring products to their customers. Additionally, customers found the experience tedious and a confusing to navigate, resulting in them not progressing through the buying journey from scheduling a measurement to purchasing the flooring.

The goal of the Schedule In-Home Measure project is to improve the user experience of the existing online tool by making it intuitive and friendly to schedule in-home floor measurement. As a result, this will help Home Depot receive more floor measurement appointments, which will lead to more sales of the flooring materials and create greater tranparency for customers. They should feel delighted using this tool and know they are one step closer to getting their flooring project done.


The research phase involved conducting interviews with various stakeholders, including Home Depot's product managers, designers, and engineers, to understand their vision and goals for the Schedule In-Home Measure project. Field studies were conducted to understand the entire customer journey from researching different flooring products to installing new floors. This included observing customers in Home Depot stores and conducting usability tests on the current Schedule In-Home Measure tool. Competitive analysis was performed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of Home Depot's competitors in the flooring market, and how their scheduling tools compared to the current Schedule In-Home Measure tool. Flooring associates at Home Depot stores were also consulted to understand their experiences using the Schedule In-Home Measure tool and how it could be improved to better serve customers. Based on the insights gained from the research phase, the UX design team was able to identify key areas of improvement for the Schedule In-Home Measure tool and develop a new design that addressed these pain points and provided a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

The project was soft-launched using an A/B split test, where version A (the original experience of the Schedule In-Home Measure tool) received 50% of the traffic, and version B (the new design) received the other 50%. The conversion metric was closely monitored during the soft launch period and a 22% increase in conversion rate was observed. After the 2 week testing period, the new design was rolled out to 100% of the visitors.

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