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Merch Studio Identity Design

Art Direction / Design
Merch MRQ.jpg

Digital Merchandising Studio is the internal cross functional team within AT&T responsible for delivering marketing campaigns, promotions, content strategy and design execution for the site. They are guided by the principles of consistency, quality, speed and creativity. I was brought on board to design a logo and brand identity that would be used to identify and bring awareness to the team.

I created a logo that uses a multi-color palette as a means to portray the cross functional teams working together to create a larger whole. I used Futura as my font of choice for it’s qualities of consistency, simplicity, balance, and mathematical purity of geometric forms. The “M” legs are slightly angled, giving a sense of motion through the converging parallels. The idea of basic shapes forming larger wholes was used as a base for the remainder of the identity system.

Merch Panels A1.jpg
Merch Panels A.jpg
Merch Panels B.jpg
Merch Panels C.jpg
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